Frequently asked questions

Triops live in puddles and pools of water created by seasonal rain showers and flooding.

Triops feed on insects, tadpoles and plants in the wild. In the first days of life, they obtain their food from the bacteria and nutrients in the water. In domestic breeding, young animals are fed with spirulina powder and chlorella powder as well as decapsulated Artemia eggs. Adult animals get solid food in the form of granulated food, pellets, food tablets, but also live food.

→ More information on feeding can be found in the main article: Feeding triops.

Yes, you can do that without any problems. The best thing to do is to buy a starter set in the Triops Galaxy shop and you can start breeding Triops in a few days.

→ More information about breeding Triops can be found in the main article: Breeding Triops.

Breeding Triops is relatively affordable. For starters, a starter kit for less than 20 euros is quite sufficient. This already contains the food for the entire breeding. If you are more advanced and buy a real aquarium with additional accessories, the costs will be relatively low.

If you are a beginner, you will find all the relevant answers to starting a breeding in our step-by-step breeding guide.

Species such as Triops longicaudatus or Triops cancriformis live for a maximum of three months at temperatures of 20 to 25 °C. This corresponds to the time that prehistoric crabs survive in temporary waters in nature. This corresponds to the time that the Triops survive in temporary waters in nature.

For Triops breeding, the mixture of distilled and still mineral water (ratio 70 to 30 percent) is recommended. River or lake water can also be used. Water from a stream or a pond can also be used as long as it is not contaminated.

In the first week after hatching, there is no water change. From the second week onwards, a little fresh water can be added gradually every two days. After two weeks, one large water change per week is necessary. Here, a maximum of 30 percent of the water in the tank is changed.

The filter should not yet be used in a small rearing tank or fauna box, but only in a larger tank or aquarium from a Triops age of approx. 14 days.

The Triops eggs can also hatch after 18 hours under the best conditions. Under ideal conditions, they usually hatch after 24 hours. In much worse conditions, it can sometimes take up to two weeks for the first hatching to occur.

There are many reasons why Triops do not hatch - from the quality of the eggs to the light used.

No, your Triops are not dying. Such behaviour is quite normal in the first days of the Triops. Nevertheless, make sure the water quality is good, the water temperature is constant and there is plenty of light.

No matter what time of day or night you look into the tank, your Triops are always active and swimming happily through the water. They never sleep and therefore have no sleep-wake rhythm.

Don't worry, the triops can't bite a person with their mouthparts. But out of consideration for the sensitive animals, they should not be touched with the finger, as otherwise there is a risk of serious injury or even death.